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There is one critical word that is the most important word in starting, building and sustaining a business.

General Motors forgot it and had to beg to be bailed out by the US Government (you the taxpayer).

You can be profitable and not have this word in your business equation and be a bankrupt company.

You can be fooled into buying a business with a lot of receivables and quickly die if you do not bring this 4 letter word into your business.

Receivables are only potential income and this potential has proven over and over to not prove actual cash value.

Never purchase a company based on or touted as having high value in receivables.

The previous owner could not collect these receivables and you will have a hard time doing what he or she could not do. 

The late Stanford professor Bill Lazier, stressed this 4 letter word as the driving, key component to business viability and sustainability.

Business Guru and author Jim Collins' book, "How the Mighty Fall .... And Why Some Companies Never Give In" uses this 4 letter word in stressing the importance of using it in every thought system and business practice.

You need this 4 letter word to pay your bills, to pay your employees and to pay yourself.

Without this 4 letter word, you will be out of business very, very soon.

That 4 letter word is;

Four Letter Word