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As you think about your new business, consider where your income will come from.

There are three critical functions in every business;



Marketing and sales


Of these three, only the marketing and sales segment produces income.

Most people who start a business spend capital on operations and production before they spend any thought and capital on marketing and sales.

This is why so many businesses fail within their first year of existence.

Consider why you should purchase a desk, office supplies and an office.

Do these things sell your product or service?

90% of all businesses fail in the first 3 years because the owner forgets that it is more about profits that sustains and grows the business than it is about having a prestigious office in an envied location.

The equipment does not sell your products; the office does not sell your products.

It is your marketing and systems that sell your products.

Study and develop your marketing before you buy equipment or an office.

Marketing done right can give you the advantages McDonalds Restaurants have.

If your marketing is great, you will never need to sell.

People will come to you and practically beg you to sell them your product or service.

When a person walks into McDonalds, the employees do not have to “sell” the customer.

They might be able to “up sell”, but the customer is there because the restaurant logo is recognized, it has a systematized system and the customer knows why he or she is there.

Set your marketing up like this.

Have your branding and marketing sell for you.