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Isn't it suspicious that over the 238 year course of U.S. history before President Obama, all of the presidents combined issued 121 executive orders and in one 4 year term, President Obama issued 923?
Isn't it ironic that the leaders and heroes of the Civil War, who fought so valiantly to free a race of people, would after the war, fight to subjugate a different race of people (American Indians)?
Isn't it ironic that the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, a document declaring that all men are created equal and free, would hold slaves the rest of his life?
Isn't it ironic that historians, who seek the truth in the past, have never discovered the several times when that very same man tried to free the slaves?
Isn't it strange that the brilliant mind of Thomas Jefferson could not envision the successful blending of the White and Black races and considered transporting slaves back to their country of origin or setting them up in a Mexican or South American colony?
Isn't it even stranger that it took Abraham Lincoln most of his lifetime to move away from Jefferson's thoughts on this?
Isn't it ironic that the people who advocate the banning of guns, deny the culpability other methods of killing and do not threaten the banning of them?
Isn't it ironic that the same man, Thomas Jefferson, feared the thought of a long-term and single United States leader so much that he called the early proponents of this Monocrats?
Isn't it ironic that when our country's people think of freedom, they think of the west, where guns set the tone of law and order?
Isn't it ironic that today's historians portray the Native American Indians as elevated, admirable, peaceful, and content nations, yet the truth in the writings of Lewis and Clark and other early writers state that there was polygamy, mass murder in Michigan, bestiality and other acts we today portray as not suitable?
Isn't it ironic that Native Americans worshiped different Gods, were sometimes entirely unaware of neighboring tribes, and yet were linked together by trade routes? Buffalo robes were worn by people who had never seen buffalo, corn meal was eaten by people who never planted corn, and ocean shells decorated people living a thousand miles from any ocean.
Isn't it ironic that the Anasazi Indians were displaced by the Ute and the Navajo Indians, yet these tribes criticize the American whites for displacing them?
Isn't it ironic that the reason for the Revolutionary War was to break away from the high taxes and rule of one king of England, yet our current citizens hang on the word of one Brit named Piers Morgan who, like our president, wants to take America back to one ruler, one kingdom?
Isn't it ironic that on July 6, 1775, our country's founders felt compelled to write; "A declaration by the representatives of the United Colonies of North America we have taken up arms. We shall lay them down when hostilities shall cease on the part of the aggressors, and all danger of their being renewed shall be removed, and not before." And today, almost 240 years later, our own government is trying to take away the basic foundation of the founding of our country?
Isn't it scary that people believed the words and rhetoric of great deceivers like Hitler and followed blindly? History is known to repeat itself, yet people continue to follow them even though all of the signs are there. They dare not question and they dare not talk against these deceivers and control mongers or they risk being portrayed as bigots, racist, homophobic or any other name that sets them as different. Do you think history is repeating itself today?
Is it the challenger or the passive and blind sheep that are the most dangerous to a regime or a country?
Don’t you think that the American today who fails to seek and learn the knowledge of the truth that goes on around them, should to be considered the most dangerous person in our country whether he holds a gun in his/her hands or not.