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In my previous articles I suggest that we as a nation of educators and workers need to consider taking control of our futures by changing the way we teach and adjust curriculum's to teach our children how to create their own businesses based off their natural dream inclinations.

We have the best schools and the best teachers in the world yet our curriculum creates the least amount of young people who graduate ready and able to take their dreams and innovations and turn them into a business reality.

The biggest reason is that our education system is still stuck on the 1918 system of creating employees while not on creating entrepreneurs.

To create great employees you must kill the spirit that makes entrepreneurs and turn these ADD renegades into drugged zombies that tow-the-line, sit-still while not being disruptive in the classroom.

I have stated that research indicates that the largest employer in the year 2020 will be “self” and this is coming closer and closer to reality.

We are entering a new era of transition where the jobs that have been outsourced to China and Mexico are coming back to America.

The difference is that these returning jobs will not be filled by you and me or our children, but are being filled by robots who cost the companies an average of $3.50 an hour to work in our place and they don’t need health care, vacations, sick time or family leave.

These robots work cheaper than the Chinese and Mexican workers and will be making huge profits for the companies using them.

So what about you?

What is President Obama saying about this?

I haven’t heard a word out of his mouth about this except the same old talk of creating jobs, so you and I need to be more and more concerned as times are changing and we better get ready for the changes.

In his 2013 inauguration speech, he pretty much said nothing except that we should expect the same political moves and divisiveness as his first 4 years, and this frightens a lot of people who know the truth regarding his past policies.

China, India and Mexico will be suffering the almost identical job losses we have been experiencing over the past 20 years as the dynamics of these countries begin losing jobs that will impact foreign policy for decades.

Our schools need to change “right now” from classroom centers of creating perfect employees to classrooms that create visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Schools now need to stop using fear tactics and sweatshop methods of teaching and start teaching our young people about how to dream and work the methodology to build these dreams into reality-based companies that support themselves and their families.

If you think that I am wrong about the need for change, watch the CBS 60 Minutes video at this link and then come back to this article and see if I start making sense.

The time to start is now and the ramifications are huge.

If you are not prepared to take control of your life's purpose and earnings, then you and your family will suffer the economic consequences of your inaction.

Don't depend on your schools and universities as they are in the business of creating employees and selling you a useless education while they work to kill and steal your own dreams.

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