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American Winter  
A lot of people, especially those under the age of 40 are in for a shocking surprise.
The Cyprus problem started out as the people of that country elected government officials because they promised to give them things, health care, more balanced taxation and fairness to all.
Cyprus then needed to borrow from the European Union to cover the added expenses of these promised benefits.
Social programs cost a lot of money and in time end they end up costing more than any amount of taxation can cover.
Where and how does the shortfall get covered when the debt becomes too large?
Governments like Cyprus have begun asking for help from the European Union and to get this help, the union requires the taking of 60% of deposits over 100,000 euros.
Effectively "stealing" money from its citizens IRA's and 401k's to qualify to borrow the funds needed to run their governments.
It is the patriotic thing to do and it is "fair" to ask the wealthier citizens of Cyprus to "help out".
Spain, Greece and Italy are in similar situations to Cyprus and may need to ask for financial help soon.
Where have we heard that kind of talk before?
The 2012 presidential campaing was a two-edged sword of deception.
It was designed to get the popular support onto the president's side while he bashed and "tax-the-rich-talked" his way to your vote.
He got your vote and now he is setting the stage to take more of your money by stating the fact that all must sacrifice so we can continue the course.
He won't state that this particular "course" was started by the Franklin Roosevelt administration and extended by Johnson in the 1960's.
In the new budget, I have not heard of lowering the welfare rates, yet.
The United States has been pushing social programs and problems forward for so long now that we are now financially in worse shape than Greece was when their country suffered its recent financial calamity.
We have borrowed heavily from China and other countries and now every time Mr. Bernaki prints more money, the value of your dollars are automatically reduced.
Who is to stop China where we borrow most of our money to making the same requirements for the next bail-out?
60% of all savings of people having over $100,000 in their IRA/401k or bank account will need to be taken to qualify for the next bail-out from China.
Or will they simply take the money away by printing more and more money and taking the value to zero?
After WW1, German people took wheel-barrows full of cash to stores to buy a loaf of bread and that wasn't enough money after a while.
This is what the EU has required of Cyprus and this is the measurement China will work for.
Why else would President Obama be asking for the wealthy to sacrifice by paying more taxes or for those currently on social security and Medicare to receive less in benefits in his 2013 budget?
Our nation is printing "fiat money" and countries have died from printing too much of it in the past.
Argentina printed fiat money in the 1960's and 1970's and inflation killed their economy to the point that a socialist government had to come in power to "save" their country.
Germany, after World War 1 had the same thing happen to them and they were "rescued" by a monster named Hitler.
Where are we headed?
And is this all part of the promise that Obama gave to Putin when he was caught asking Putin to wait until after the election?
President Obama has submitted his new budget for 2013 and he is raising taxes on the wealthy in America.
Not only that, the "wealthy" privilidged people who live on social security are seeing their Medicare and Social Security benefits reduced in this new budget.
It is only fair that every one of our privileged Americans make a small sacrifice for the good of the country isn't it?
Consider the following:
In the March 26, 2012 article on NPR called "American Winter" they describe how the middle class is not only suffering, they are disappearing.
"American Winter" is an HBO movie that shows the reality coming and people are hiding their heads in the sand on.
American families are suffering and the situation isn't getting better, it is getting and going to get worse if you don't take charge of your life.
Don't wait as no one is coming to save you and if someone does come and offers to save the middle class, beware.
Thomas Jefferson said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."
The Wall Street Journal last Sunday ran an article by Jennifer Waters that described whether you can expect to receive Social Security Retirement benefits:
If you're over 65, no sweat.
If you're 45-65, you might see some changes from the relatively generous benefits enjoyed by your parents.
If you're under 45, you have plenty to worry about.
The problem is more money is being paid out of the system than is going in.
The shortfall, now about $200 billion a year, is being made up by drawing on the $2.73 trillion Social Security Trust Fund.
The fund is U.S. government bonds that have been bought by the Social Security Administration for 30 years with money paid by baby boomers.
They have spent most of their working lives paying more into the system than it spent.
I have tried to convey this worrisome message to my readers and most just don’t listen, but hopefully you will….
The recent Cyprus problems illustrate the problem of relying on a government to protect and support you.
When a government spends themselves into needing more money to support itself, it takes from its citizens in any way it can to save itself and Cyprus proves this point.
You can go into retirement thinking that your IRA or 401k is protected and safe, but look at how Cyprus took retirement savings from its citizens and it can happen here.
You can go into retirement thinking that your Social Security retirement benefits are safe, then you should go back and read that WallStreet Journal article again.
In January, 2012, I posted the article "How Much Money do I Need in My IRA/401K to Retire?", maybe it is time to revisit that article...
You need a backup plan, you need to take control of your future and if you don’t, you will be a part of theAmerican Winter majority and be reduced to living off support from your children (if they can afford to help you), the church and/or working the rest of your life.
The past politicians have been pushing the Social Security problem forward for so long that it is now becoming like a wet noodle, no longer able to be pushed and it is now time to pay the price of this failure to take a strong stand as a country and save the system.
You now must save yourself or face poverty in your retirement years.
I have advocated that you should consider starting an online small business while you have time to build a business that will allow you to make the income needed to support yourself in retirement.
Remember, the only problem with doing this is that it takes time and education to make it work and this is precisely why you need to get started now, while you have your job and can spend the $60 a year to start and grow your business.
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