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Backpack Dangers and Possibilities
Children are especially vulnerable to curving of the back due to excessive weight from books and electronics.
Scoliosis is common among young girls and some boys so removing the stresses is of utmost importance.
Isn't it about time for education administrators to move to electronic formats in their books?
Isn't it about time for publishers to consider the cost savings in printing "Kindle" style text books instead of paper-based books?
Offering Pads that come in I-Pad or Tab 3 configurations gives many possibilities to teachers, parents and students.
Schools would be transmitting a safe Wi-Fi signal so these students can interact, share and download products suggested by the teachers and sold by school bookstores at reduced rates.
The bookstores would no longer needto order, inventory, sell and resell physical books.
When the student is done with their E-Textbook, it simply goes away or stays on their pad if they desire to keep it.
The thought of saving paper by not printing and selling textbooks via e-formats will save more than just trees, it will save the backs of our children.
It will save these young backs when they are most vulnerable, pliable and under-developed.
A backpack that includes a tablet loaded with all of the necessary e-textbooks and no heavy paper based textbooks would weigh far less than the 5 to 7 books a student typically carries.
With a stylus or finger, you can write in your e-textbook.
The e-textbook can be controlled like Amazon's Kindle format is and transfer to any device when a student logs-in.
Benefits of this format?
  • The school system creates an app designed for that school and requires a login at arrival.
  • The app can be set to use by teacher, parent and student and a login is required for each category.
  • The pad requires a secure login by each entity at the start of each day to confirm that the correct student is using the pad.
  • The teacher, student and parent are aware of the safety and activities of the student at all times of the day.
  • The student carries less weight around with them.
  • Books are portable in PDF or Kindle format and transferable to any device if the pad gets broken, lost or stolen.
  • The student automatically logs into the school Wi-Fi signal when arriving at school.
  • This login immediately tells the student of any announcements, activities or program changes for their day.
  • The student schedule tracks the student through their day and takes attendance in each classroom by their logging into their class by hitting a check-box sent to them when they enter the classroom.
  • By logging into their class the student immediately gets that day’s classroom assignments’ and messages.
  • Work is performed on the pad and submitted to the teacher electronically when completed.