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Seth Goden made the point recently in a blog that times are changing.

Your electric company will soon be installing a "Smart Meter" onto your home.

This meter will read your peak and low power usage and times of these usages.

This meter will transmit your usage back to the power company.

This meter will take away the jobs of meter readers.

This meter will also introduce corrupt power company employees to the times you are home and when you are not home.

Burglaries can then be timed accordingly.

Google is growing its GoogleEarth capabilities to include displaying pollution in your geo area.

If you heat with wood, your chimney may be targeted as a polluter and taxed accordingly.

Google Earth will likely have the ability to show infrared images of your home and it's lack of insulation.

You may be charged an extra tax or a power surcharge because you have a home that in "Big Brother's" opinion is an inefficient home.

Check out GoogleEarth and consider that what Google shows pales in comparison to what government satellites can see.

If you don't specifically opt-out of Googles terms with your GMAIL account, your Android phone and Google+ account, Google will track every online search you make, geo-tag every picture you take, every call you make and every place you go.

Because I had all of these on my smart phone, a picture that my Grand-daughter took with my phone was "auto-uploaded" to Google+ online.

All in the name of providing better targeted, better user experience and better quality searches for you.

A new website FourSquare tracks the whereabouts of all your friends and family if you sign up. It also tracks you.

I no longer us FaceBook, or Linkedin and I sparingly use Google+ because of the privacy and tracking issues.

My websites do just fine without social networking....

How big do you want Google to become and how much are you willing to let "Big Brother" know about you?