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In order to lead, you must challenge the status-quo.

Our schools have a system and it works so well at creating mediocrity, the administrators and politicians have fallen in love with it.

When you fall in love with a system as it is, you lose the ability to grow.

When you lose the ability grow, you also lose creativity as you do nothing but create automatons.

The USA school system is great at creating automatons.

If a child has difficulty in fitting into this system, the schools ask the parents to put the kids on drugs to help them sit and listen.

The kids are zoned out but they now fit the system….

After this bad example - the schools hammer the kids about living drug-free.

Schools don't teach leadership except on the football field or other athletic endeavor.

When you lead without compensation, when you sacrifice without guarantees, when you take risks because you believe, only then will you have a something unique, marketable and something people can follow.

It is difficult, but leaders will tell you it is worth it.

Change is made by people who step outside the system.

In the year 1515 the "Council of Trent" would have excommunicated you from their society if you were different.

In the year 2012, you are told to be politically correct and agree with a particular minority agenda or you will be labeled.

You will be labeled homophobic, racist, bigot, religious zealot, nut case, anti-environment, whatever the minority wants to call you, you will get the label.

Leadership almost always involves thinking and acting like the underdog.

Leaders work to change things and the successful people work hard to preserve the system you threaten by labeling you.

Managers are not brave; following the rules is not brave.

Questioning and challenging the system is brave.

Creating a future that doesn't exist yet, requires the bravery of a heretic.

When JFK told America we would put a man on the moon, America bought into the dream.

They didn't buy into the dream because they believed in him, America believed in us and our ability to create and think big.

Martin Luther King saw a future before anyone else did when he spoke “I have a dream”.

Steve Jobs was a heretic when he created a new way to sell music that even the music industry had to be sold on.

Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to create a great leader.

The video below by Seth Goden further explains how our schools are failing our children;

Stop Stealing Dreams