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Good Corporate Strategies tell the story of the wisdom to stick with the strength of the original company vision and income source.

Circuit City lost sight of it's core success, the flywheel which was innovative new products, great support and sales people who give great advice.

While Circuit City was working on online car sales, Best Buy developed a system of great products, best prices and non-commissioned knowledgeable sales people.

Circuit City in its distraction left it’s core income source and lost it’s way in the online car-max business.

Without cash flow, Circuit City could not sustain viability and faded into bankruptcy.

While Zenith arrogantly failed to understand the competitiveness and innovations of the Japanese television companies as they slept their way to failure.

When they realized their mistake, they set their guns on automatic and in rapid fire fashion, they developed product after product and ran out of cash and into bankruptcy when they ran out of cash (ammunition) and were overrun by their competition.

A good company turns off the automatic setting on their proverbial guns and set into a single shot fire mode.

They take conservative, calculated shots that are designed to keep their core flywheels producing the cash flow needed to sustain viability as they bring new products to market.

Ames Department Stores was the Walmart of the 1960’s.

Walmart essentially copied the Ames marketing plan and understood the core philosophy and the need to stick to this plan.

Ames decided to grow buy purchasing companies instead of developing new stores embedded with their core people, philosophies and culture.

Ames ended up with mixed cultures, reduced cash flow and all too quickly, bankruptcy.