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Publicity takes a lot of effort, time and seed planting.
We are all experts at something and the media is always looking for interesting filler for print, radio and TV News spots.

The media cares about what you bring to the market and if you can make it interesting, short and helpful to their viewers.
What can you give to the media that tells them what you care about and the solutions you offer?
If you can identify what you love and what you hate about your business and draw it down to 30 seconds, the media will love you.
The media hates to be sold to.
They don't care about what you are selling.
They care about what problem do you solve?
What solution do you provide?
If you can get confrontational and scare the people, this is where the media will grab a hold of you.
Put your name recognition out there.
Publicity is not used to sell your products; it is used for credibility and recognition.
You need the "I've heard of them somewhere" thought on the minds of the media and people.
Use brag announcements to announce awards, new hires, and new products.
Use the local business journals, your news paper business section and your chamber news letters.
Most of us are members of an associated organization.
A good percentage of these organizations and memberships have a newsletter and a website to promote affiliations and good news stories.
Use these avenues to keep your business "goodwill" out there.
Every 30 days your name should be popped in to the newspaper, local business journal, member organizations and alumni magazines.
Once you are published, get the article out to your clients and prospects.
This is called publicizing your publicity.

A place to help you get calls from the media is PR Leads. Put your information out there and the media calls you!

Marketing your PR:

It is often not about who you think you are. It is often more about your core story and how you overcame adversity.
The news is all made up.
Tell a story about yourself and be creative by thinking out of the box.
Create a WOW factor.
A story of passion that identifies with what other people can identify with.
Do you have a story that tells someone about you that relates to others that have life situations that are like yours?
Is there a place that you can go into to open a new can of worms, a new category that you can be an expert in.
A place to help you get calls from the media is PR Leads (at the link above).
Reporters look for stories on specific topics and they will call you to hear your story.
When you are published, people will Google your name and see these articles.
You will be creating a strong "I've heard of you somewhere" syndrome.
The press wants a concise and focused idea of who you are and this give you control of the content the media will use, "have 10 words (your power bio).
These power words identify and easily say who you are and what you do.
It's not your 60 second business bio; it's a 30 second snap offering the problem and three things you can do to solve it.
You do not want to do a commercial because you are required to pay for commercials.
Get your message out fast and first, you will have only 30 seconds to do this.
Again, it should identify the problem and offer three simple things that you can do 1, 2, 3.
You don't have a lot of time with the media and you have to be quick and to the point.
You don't want chit-chat, you want the keywords that show the value and benefit from your message.
As you develop your snap, identify "WIFM", (What's in it for me?).
People will tune you out if you cannot quickly show the benefit.
We have ___________ of years of experience in _________The problem today is__________, here are three things to do, 1, 2, 3.
Think beyond what you think about and who you think you are.
Ask yourself (for your business) what are other people watching, reading and listening to.
List becomes your media list and where you pitch your solution to.
Be a star in your industry.
Assume the mantle of leadership in your industry.
Write a press release based on your story and the 1, 2, 3 solutions you offer.
Think in "Headlines" offering solutions and why you are an expert and should be heard.