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We have a local furniture company here in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area called American Freight Furniture.

They like to yell at their prospects during their TV commercials.

When I called their phone number 616-464-4440, the local store owner actually called me some names and hung up on me when I asked him to consider changing his TV ad approach.

We have other companies like Talsma's Furniture here in West Michigan who take a classier, low key approach.

I think it comes down to who your target market is.

I like to hope of thinking of myself as a more upscale buyer and people who yell at me to try to get my business just turn me away.

It is like the Dan Kennedy approach of using your dog, or child or other hype to try to sell me on the product.

It makes me feel stupid to even think of reacting to this kind of sales tactic.

It is like American Freight Furniture thinks we are all the lowest class and poorest people in this world and we need to be yelled at to get us to react to their advertisement.

Remember, when you go to the doctor and she says you are responding to the treatments, this is good!

If the doctor says you are reacting to the treatments, it is not good!

The American Freight Furniture company is reacting to the economic enviornment by talking down to and yelling at us instead of thinking and responding in a classy and dignified way.

They need to know that people take notice more "when you whisper" and the loudness of everyday noise is easily blocked out or we simply become irritated by it.

Thank you Talsma Furniture Company.