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My daughter does not have high speed internet access where she lives and she wanted to purchase an “Air Card” from her cell provider Verizon Wireless.

She came over to our house on Sunday to sign up and started the process of making the purchase.

The Verizon website was very confusing and she asked me to help.

We started by looking for the USB Jump-drive option and found a suitable card.

We next selected the “Add to cart” button and received a popup that offered us a selection of phones.

We did not want phones (why would they offer this?) so we backed out and tried again only to get the same popup.

We fought through by bouncing around a while until we got to the cart and tried to complete the sale.

We were next faced with what phone number to “port” to the account.

My daughter already had two cell phones on her Verizon account and did not understand why they were asking this so we again went back to the cart and tried again.

After clearing all but the “Air Card” from the cart and making sure we were not being “up-sold” again, we elected to check out.

The next page would not complete even though we had entered all of the credit card information and were signed into her Verizon account.

At this point my daughter was washing she could have another company option to purchase the card from but she trudged on to try to complete the sale.

After several attempts in Chrome and Internet Explorer, she decided to use the “Help” option and connect with a “Help Desk” tech via the website.

The tech said we needed to get out of Chrome and use Internet Explorer and did not appreciate our telling her that we had tried both.

I am a little bit of a Geek and I always am cleaning my brand new laptop so that it runs crisp and clean.

With that in mind, we knew that we did not have cookie issues or any browser issues.

After fighting Verizon for almost 2 hours, my daughter finally gave up and decided to call Verizon by phone the next day.

If it had been me, I would have looked for another carrier but she said that Verizon was her Cell provider and she wanted to stay with one bill for all.

She also said that she was going to look hard at another company when the 2 year contract on her cell phone contract was done.


Tiger Direct is another big company that has issues in that they require that you have an account in order to purchase online.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough user names and passwords to remember.

Whenever I need a computer related product, I look online and call via phone to place my order.


I call because I don't trust Tiger Direct like I trust Amazon.

They must be doing something wrong to bring about this distrust as they have pretty good service and shipping from them is ultra fast.

This costs Tiger Direct in wages, time and sometimes I just decide not to order from them and go to Amazon as they are just so dependable.

I sometimes visit the local computer store instead and pay more for product just to avoid trying to remember the password and user ID and then am required to enter my CC info and address.

Tiger Direct loses a lot of sales and just does not understand or believe the process they choose is killing their sales.

Tiger Direct needs to offer a way to make a purchase with-out an account.

I buy products from Cabelas and they offer a way at the point of sale to purchase without requiring a user account and password.


If you are an online business owner, make it as easy as possible for your prospects to check out, then watch your sales take off.

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