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Denis Waitley talks often about the fact that the brain cannot come away from a problem.

The brain is designed to move toward the goal, not away from where we are or the problem at hand.

An Ex-Smoker never quits, you must become a Non-Smoker before your body and mind will allow you to quit.

There is a part of your brain called the reticular activator.

This is an actual spot in the back of your head and it is shaped like a quarter of an apple.

Waitley calls it your own Apple computer and it is the part of the brain that controls what you are aware of and what you see in relation to where you want to go.

Your mind picks it out and heads in the direction you tell it to go - If you are thinking negative, your mind will go negative.

If you are thinking positive, your mind will go in a positive direction.

It is the part of your brain that spots so many of the cars you thought were rare until you bought the car for yourself.

It is the part of the brain that notices that the very item you needed is now on sale just when you need it even though it has been on sale before and you did not notice it when you did not need it.

Science has proven that our thoughts affect every cell in our body.

Our cells completely respond to the mental environment we place ourselves in to the extent that if you are angry when you eat, you can poison your body with the food you are eating at that time.

This is why when people pray before they eat; their mind combined with their spirituality can cause bad food to not harm the body.

Fear, negativity and self criticism that dominate your thoughts can have a negative impact on your health, income and how people respond to your ideas and business.

This is part of the reason that the movie "The SECRET" is so successful.

Our minds can attract exactly what we need in purpose, people and resources, if we have a positive mindset and desire to be generous and helpful in these thoughts and actions.

This is where the saying Birds of a feather flock together; the positive or negative forces seem to attract like minded people.

Misery loves company - it may build rapport but it is bad for you.

I was at dinner recently and two people there were talking about how bad the economy is.

How bad the oil situation is.

How badly their fixed income stocks and Mutual Funds were doing.

I suggested that they start thinking positively and they rejected the notion.

They would rather believe that the world was going to pot instead of the possibility of improvement.

They could not see that the word "Crisis" means opportunity.

It is better to be a positive thinker in a negative situation than a negative thinker in a positive situation.

Which way of thinking will take you further? Stinkin-Thinkin attracts Stinkin-Results.

Ask yourself how “YOU” think about things and what are the results of this thinking?

Research has proven that in most people 90% of all self talk is negative.

Most people tend to dwell on what is not working in their lives and this only brings more of what is not working.

If you consider yourself to be in a slump, you are in a slump.

If you are making sale after sale and riding high on this success, it is very likely that your next presentation will also result in a successful sale.

Athletes call it a Zone where they get out of their own way and then their talents take over pushing them to success.

Golf coach to the PGA professionals, Bob Rotella describes this mindset very well in his golf books.

Focus is another ingredient and Rotella recommends that you not focus your approach shot onto the green area but rather focus on a twig or the smallest target you can see that is in relation to your target line.

If you are a golfer, picture yourself standing at a tee box with your driver in your hand and there is trouble on the right.

Our tendency is to self talk ourselves by saying “don’t hit it to the right; don't hit it to the right”.

The end result is that our minds hear "hit it to the right" and the ball goes where we tell it to go - to the right.

If we instead tell ourselves to visualize hitting the ball down the middle, visualizing and seeing in our mind, a nice, straight shot and seeing it landing in the middle of the fairway, this is where our minds will work to take the ball. This is called “The reverse of an idea” when we try to come away from the potential problem or debt or sales meeting.

Golf pros will never dwell on the potential problems of a particular hole; they dwell on the end result and let their training and attitude take them to the great shot. Obviously, it doesn't always work but this technique does work both on the golf course and in life more often than not. If you think in your mind that you are a heavy person, you will always be a heavy person.

Stanford University studies indicate that 85% of our successes are dependant on our attitude. Our attitudes are the only thing we can control in our lives and yet it is the most powerful part of our lives. You cannot control your spouse, your kids, your boss, the economy or the weather.

You can try but you will only be frustrated by your lack of ability to change things.

Robert Kiyosaki in the book "We want you to be rich" explains that he decided that since he could not control or change politics, he would learn what the government encouraged him to do and work from that perspective in life. This led him to become a real estate investor, author and millionaire.

Unlucky people are always unlucky. Successful people seem to get all the breaks and always seem to be lucky. They are no different from you or I except in their mindset. There are people out there who will tell you that it is not worth your time to pick up a penny from the ground if you happen to see one. Mark Victor Hansen said that it is worth your time if, as you are picking up the penny, you tell yourself that "I am a money magnet" and as you tell yourself this over and over; you will surely become a money magnet.

Your mind is the most powerful computer in the world. Your mind makes over 8 billion calculations subconsciously per second just to keep you from falling over.

Imagine how powerful the computer inside your head is if it is making this many calculations just to keep you upright. Understand that this supercomputer needs input in order to generate output.

Remember Newton's Third Law of Motion that says for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Put your subconscious mind to work to fulfill the desired intent.

Out of shape? Tell your subconscious that you love to exercise and love being in great shape.

Forgetful? Tell yourself that if the brain can make 8 billion calculations per second just to keep you upright, it can certainly remember names, place and things.

Consider especially the thought of any negative or positive question you ask yourself that has a strong emotion attached to it, and your mind will be drawn to it.

Carefully select what you most think about and reprogram your mind toward the positive goals of your life. Remember to go toward and not away from your targeted desired result.

The best time of day to reprogram your mind is at night just before you go to sleep. Work on success thoughts as you go to sleep and your mind will be easier to reprogram away from the negative thoughts. In your thoughts, tell yourself that you enjoy being successful, not that you will be successful. Go to bed worrying about your problems and your mind will dwell on and promote these problems. Napoleon Hill talks about this in his books.