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How to use texting in your business at the “Point of sale”.

Instead of asking people to text to your number to join your campaign with a sign in your store…

Don’t just say "text us at ABC business to join our mobile list…

Say "text this number to receive a coupon gift".

Have them text a keyword to your number to receive 10% off your purchase today.

The idea is to get their phone contact information so you can text them with offers to bring them back to your store.

You can then send texts to them offering a coupon that offers 10% – 15% this weekend to bring them back in.

You will then be able to track customers buying habits by giving each client a coupon number that identifies them as a customer.

A number that identifies each customer eliminates coupon fraud and theft.

You can use coupons at the point of sale to up-sell.

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Ace Hardware uses SMS to deliver weather related texts that offer weather related "tool deals" from their stores.

A late season SMS alert could empty your store shelves of tools, generators, clothing and food related items before spring time season comes.

Aveno uses the incentive of texting “send the text ‘Hair’ to receive a free sample - They use to text ads via magazine advertisements.

General Mills did a donation drive using texts to donate $5 to a charity and built a nice database of clients.

Skywire Media uses a patented system that once a coupon is redeemed, an auto-generated coupon is then sent to the client thanking them for using their coupon and here is a better offer for your patronage or keep long for more offers from us.

If you have a physical store presence, use a QR and/or Bar Codes to offer promotions to people with smart-phones.

A phone that reads your in-store custom codes offers a story and possibly a special coupon for your customers.

Another great option is to create a custom app just for inside your store that offers specials to your customers who download your app.

Your app could be used to help with shopping lists, wish lists or gift registries.

It’s about connecting with your clients and helping them to make great decisions and feel good about buying from you.

Grocery Smart - Shopping List and Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper apps are good examples of how to do it.

Market your app – At check-out ask the shopper if they are a member of our “Mobile Club”?

Have your store clerks ask if the client has downloaded the app at checkout.

Tell customers about it and what it does for them.

Get free QR codes at SkyWireQR a division of Skywire Media.

Skywire Media can help you set up QR codes that expire after one use and then send out a "Thank You" note to your customer.