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Websites are created for many different reasons.

Websites are often created as an information portal to prospects and members offering information about a company, club or charity.

Some websites are E-commerce enabled and work as an online salesperson to sell company products or services.
One question you need to ask yourself if you do not have a website is:
"Are you losing credibility or sales by not having an online presence?"
Website owners spend a lot of time, money, emotion and energy to build their websites and when they are done, they are faced with the revelation; "now what?"
"Where will the traffic I need for my website come from? How will people find my website?"
A beautiful website is like having a billboard in your basement - it is pretty but no one can see it.

Setting up natural and strategic ways for people to find your website before you design it are critical to your online success.

The best online marketing is "natural" marketing which includes Blogs, YahooAnswers, Squidoo and many other sites of this type will offer the best "natural" placement and visitors.

The email blasts will prove marginal because again, people know when they are being sold to (SPAM).

Avoid “SPAMING” your prospects. It is invasive, takes their time away from them and hurts your credibility.

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People are searching for you everyday all the time, they use keywords in their search and if you are online with a keyword optimized website, prospects will come looking for you instead of you looking for them.

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When you build your website, consider what page you want people arrive at in your site.

Consider your "Landing Page" and (how and if) it conveys a message that holds the attention of the visitor and motivates them to continue reading. Have the "Landing" page as clean looking as possible with a clear message to "Click Here" for more information.
Affiliate marketing is a quick way to drive traffic to your site.

The traffic is already on the internet. Your job is to find a way to direct the existing traffic to your site instead of someone else's site. Adwords in a pay-per-click environment is very effective and can save you a lot of money in advertisement costs. Advertising on TV, radio and newspapers sends your message in a blanket format to people who have no interest in your product or service. Adword campaigns target the searches people are using and direct them to your website for a small fee every time they click on your link. An Adword campaign coupled with a landing page that loads very fast and is effective in converting prospects will always work better than blanket (Shotgun) advertising if your margins are high enough. In a pay-per-click setting you do not want to be number one in the search rankings. Number one rankings often suffer from clicks by people as more of a reaction than intent to purchase. Don't pay for adwords that do not convert. Adword conversion is something you will have to test as the conversion rate for your product may not be what you think it is. It often not the obvious word you think it is. Test and track with different adwords to see what works for you and your business. Knowing the value of each click allows you to budget your adwords campaign.
Organic search engine optimization can be done but it is an ever-changing process. Some very successful online businesses barely have a website and operate mostly on landing pages using a focused pay-per-click strategy.
Affiliate marketing is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. There is an army of people out there that can fit into your niche who have already created a trusting and loyal following on their websites. These people can refer prospects to your website and you pay them only when you convert the prospects into a sale of your product or service. The important thing here is to pay the affiliate immediately when the transaction is completed and pay them well. Positive word-of-mouth on your integrity will drive more people to want to send you prospects. Negative word-of-mouth on your integrity will drive more people away from helping you find prospects. You can be a hero in a lot of cases to a person with a loyal following on their website if you create a way for them to make additional income stream on their site by referring people to your site. You can find them by GOOGLING the product category or service you sell in. You can then approach the top sites with an offer to promote your site and offer to pay them for each sale generated from their referral. You can then place links or banners on their website. A better method is inserting a link or reference to your into their emails they regularly send to their customer lists. Make sure that you control the "teaser" and the landing page the prospects are directed to. Do not send prospects to your home page as you need to focus on one small category of your business to try to get people to take a deal they can't refuse. Have a fantastic selling/closing landing page for people to go to. If you cannot convert the traffic your affiliates send your way, they will drop you and find another program to promote.
If you have a cause that you donate a percentage of your funds to, make a big deal about it and promote it heavily. People love doing business with companies that support a cause. 66% of people surveyed will buy from a company that supports a cause if given the choice over a company that does not.
Capture all the email addresses of your website visitors you can by offering a free or incentives based newsletter. Email marketing gets people to your site and it also motivates people to comeback over and over. People do not visit the same sites everyday, but they do visit their email inbox every day. This is the best place to promote your product. Start or build your email campaign to drive repeat visits and loyalty. Emails are easily forwarded. Do not spam! Spam will motivate people to avoid your business at all costs. Always have an "opt out" in your email newsletters. Email marketing is all about creating great relationships. To have a great website you must;
1. Immediately tell people what they can accomplish by being on your website. This means that your page needs to load as fast as possible. Having a lot of graphics and Flash on your site is pretty but it is the HTML in words that should load first. This will allow your viewer to see your message before they see the flash and images.
2. Explain the benefits up front while everything else is loading in the background. An online business is and should be considered "Direct Response Marketing". The most accomplished businesses owners online today have read books that were written in the 1950's that explained how to direct market via the United States Postal Service.
3. As you develop your online strategy you should start with the end in mind and work back in sequence on the steps you desire to have your prospect take to get to your desired end result.
4. Have a strategy that will bring your prospect back to your website. Buyers in an online environment do not make a commitment to buy until they have visited your website from 12 to 28 times. Find a way to get your prospect to proactively return again. This can be in the form of a newsletter (Email Marketing), a contest or some other incentive that causes them to return to the site over and over.
5. You must get them to convert. It is not just about traffic, hits or unique visitors. You need to get your visitors to convert into a sale, become a subscriber, sign up for a consultation, or some other form of a commitment. You need to track this activity to understand what your conversion ratio is. When you know what your conversion ratio is, you will know your value per visitor and everything you do online will come from knowing this value.
6. You will need to use the internet as an easy way for people to refer their friends. Personal referrals are the ultimate tool that you can use to drive your sales up.

The internet is a direct response medium, not a branding medium. The internet is also information medium, not an entertainment medium. When you look for entertainment you personally do not go to a search engine and type in "entertain me". You read a book, go to a movie, watch a sporting event or you watch TV. You go elsewhere for your entertainment. However, when you are looking for information, you are very likely to search the internet for the information you seek. If people go to the internet primarily for information, isn't that what you want to provide? With this in mind, you should keep your Flash, JAVA and music to a minimum if at all on your site. People are there for information and that is what you should give them. If people are looking for information and your site loads too slowly, they will leave your site and go to a place where they can get the information they need quickly. You have less than 8 seconds to capture the interest of the people visiting your site. The latest statistics show that we now have close to 70% of the population of regular users that are connecting with a form of high speed internet. You will be missing 30% of the market if you do not have a landing page that can capture the interest of those on dialup. The best and most successful internet model is the info-mediary. This is EBay, where people who are selling are introduced to people who are buying. If you can create a way for people to communicate easily through your website and step out of the way, you will have a successful website. EBay makes well over 2 million dollars per hour and that number is growing.
Your best source of increased sales is in your past clients. Rekindle the relationships you have not kept up with. You will be surprised at how many people remembered the experienced with you and without "top-of-mind-thinking" forgot to call you when they needed your product.