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It's not fair!

I talked with an assistant to a Michigan Democratic Representative, and I was told that this statement "sells well" in the political world, and that is precisely why it is so often used by politicians!

It's not fair! - It comes from the back seat of the car.

It's not fair! - It comes from across the dinner table.

It's not fair! - We hear it from children and teenagers everywhere.

It's not fair! -  It comes from the President's lips and the lips of his political partners.

It's not fair that the Puritan Jesuits had to leave England to achieve religious freedom.

It's not fair that in 1659, these same Jesuits of Scituate Massachusetts hung Quakers for simply being Quakers.

It's not fair that in 1775, the English King George told the American slaves of that time that if they took up arms against their masters, they would be granted freedom when the revolutionists were defeated.

It's not fair that when the British Troops took 23 slaves from Jefferson's "Monticello", while they were held, 15 of them died.

It's not fair that the Founders of our country defeated England and then held slaves for the next 90 years.

It's not fair that the North as well as the South benefited from slavery in America.

It's not fair that France and England both benefited from the cotton plantations that held these slaves.

It's not fair that the early United States swept the Native Americans from their lands.

It's not fair that after these early leaders realized the true mineral advantages of the lands they sent the Indians to, they re-took the lands and moved them on again.

It's not fair that Santa Ana destroyed the Alamo and the American heroes in it, to take back the land he thought rightfully belonged to his Mexico.

It's not fair that the United States shed blood in the Mexican War and took Texas from Mexico and back into the Union.

It's not fair that 650,000+ men and women gave their lives in the Civil War.

It's not fair that America almost became a dictator state in 1862 as McClellan thought this was his destiny.

It's not fair that he was removed from command and replaced by a man who actually was willing to take action.

It's not fair that so many great-grandfathers lost their lives in that effort and are buried in unknown graves or in National Cemeteries instead of next to their wives.

Its not fair that the Laird Shipbuilders of Liverpool built warships for the Confederate States while the British Government lied to Abraham Lincoln saying they were neutral regarding the war.

It's not fair that over 350 soldiers lie buried under Fort Lamar, S.C. in a mass grave never to be identified.

It's not fair that it took so long for women to get the right to vote and control their bodies.

It's not fair that after being given their freedom, former slaves who were also given the right to vote, had that right taken away from them.

It's not fair that America dropped two bombs on Japan to end a war that if extended would have cost millions more lives.

It's not fair (to the Axis Powers) that America stepped up to help put down Hirohito, Mussolini and Hitler.

It's not fair that English is the language of our country and yet our citizens are now almost required to learn Spanish to get ahead in their jobs.

It's not fair that emigrants who enter this nation legally have less rights than those who enter illegally.

It's not fair that technology has replace the workers of the world with software and robots.

It's not fair that India, Mexico and China are losing jobs to these robots and software innovations as these high tech functions move back to America.

It's not fair that the politicians of today are still promoting and using the same educational system that was set in place shortly after the Civil War.

It's not fair that creative and sensitive children are drugged into submission so that their inquisitive minds do not disrupt the classroom.

It's not fair that classroom answers are absolute and not to be challenged.

It's not fair that our great teachers are held to out of date standardized tests that show only the ability to memorize and conform students to the jobs that were once available from 1910 to 1970.

It's not fair that these backwards politicians don't get that we need entrepreneurs more than we need jobs as this is where the needed jobs come from.

It's not fair that we live under the same "retirement age" philosophy that the German Keizer Wilhelm set up in 1918.

It's not fair that he set this mandatory age to oust the opposition cabinet at that time who were all over the age of 65.

It's not fair that an American drone can kill 10,000 miles away from the operator who controls it remotely.

It's not fair that President Obama claims credit for saving the auto industry and auto jobs when GM went bankrupt anyway, and the re-organization cost Billions of dollars to retirement accounts and the old company shareholders.

It's not fair the a small airport in Pennsylvania that receives 3 flights a day received $10's of millions of stimulus dollars while Americans lost their homes.

It's not fair that the "Cash for Clunkers Program" helped those wealthy enough to take advantage of it and those who would have wanted to buy one of those destroyed good used cars, lost that chance.

It's not fair that we don't remember the words of Thomas Jefferson when he said: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have."

It's not fair....