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In the last 5 years, the process of getting a new job has changed.

Monster and hiring a head hunter no longer work like they did before.

Career coaches will now tell you tell you need to be socially active both online and off line.

There has never been and are no classes offered for when you get fired or laid off and if you are over 35 years of age, it can be difficult to get back into a new job.

Most people over 35 followed someone else up the ladder by being pulled up as their bosses were promoted or they followed someone from one company to another.

A large percentage of job seekers today are actually looking for work for the first time.

The skills needed to find work was never taught to them and they are alone in this new world of trying to find a job.

In the past decade, technology took us to a place where we became isolated and applied our talents to our cubicle and took us away from the social environment needed to cultivate the interaction that allows the connectivity to find the new jobs we seek.

The "Old School" world is gone and social media is the new way to get hired.

The day of being a “generalist” is gone.

Companies are looking for specific job qualifications when looking for a new hire, because a specialist in that position has moved on.

Because of this, employers are looking for you instead of you looking for them.

Employers are looking at FaceBook and Twitter for you and if you are not out there showing your talents, they will not find you.

If you are not volunteering and helping other people through volunteer for non profits or special events, you will not be found.

The first thing your potential employer will do if they hear about you is GOOGLE your name.

You should GOOGLE your name right now to see what your potential employers will be seeing when they consider your brand.

If you have a Blog or website or a FaceBook account that is active, updated and relevant, you will be found.

The employer will be looking to see your connections, to see the number of people you are linked-in with and if they have anything in common with you.

They will see who you know and maybe they will know some of the people you know.

They will be looking to see if by your connections, you have credible references in your online persona.

Your connections become instant references and your website or Blog is your resume.

You can have a Blog for free and a website for less than $70 a year and support for free.

Consider becoming a leader or starting a group on Linked-In.

The HR manager will actually get to interview you and audition you without ever talking to you by visiting your Blog, website, FaceBook or Linked-In accounts.

They will get to know you by how you present yourself online.

Start today by branding yourself, create a voice, build an online persona, become an expert in your field.

Online, you don’t need to have a book, you don’t need to be on TV or radio to become an expert.

You can become an instant expert by being online and linking to all of the social networks available.

5 years ago this ability did not exist and it is a brand new and very inexpensive way to get employers to look for you, find you, and to hire you.

Getting involved online will allow the HR Manager to see you before they ever see a resume.

Get started today and create your own little GOOGLE traffic matching with your Blog, website, FaceBook and Linked-In accounts, profiles, interests and activities.

Work offline too by volunteering.

Corporations assign their employees to volunteer these days and these employees are great connections and resources for getting that next new job.

Allow people to understand your expertise by getting to know you and ask you questions about your expertise and talents.

Volunteering gives you a winning attitude that employers understand will relate to the potential you will bring to the job.

The best interviews are dates.

The best dates occur when you shut up and listen to the verbal cues of their interests and likes.

You can then ask questions to turn the discussion into them talking about themselves and creating a common ground.

If you listen, the other person will see value in you because you listened to them.

Visit the links in this article and consider your next step.

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