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The internet is available to everybody and every business and it is a true business opportunity from home.

Almost everyone has a computer these days and if you have a computer, all you need is $100 a year to own the factory that produces income for you.

There once was a cartoon with a dog sitting at a computer and saying “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.

It is there for the taking, no one knows who you are and the opportunities are endless.

All you need is your mind creating methods, ways and things people need and supplying a way for them to purchase the product they seek.

Real prospects are searching for your product and if you set up your website properly they will click on your links and images and you will make money.

Listen to this audio and click on the links below to review how two women made $80,000 in less than 8 months on the internet selling pots and pans.

The best place to start (this is where I started) is a book written by two women from Austrailia who average over $10,000 a month selling Amazon products on their three page WordPress website.

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The best way to find out what people are looking for is to use GOOGLE Adwords and GOOGLE Trends.

Call me at 616-634-3296 and I will walk you through the process if you like.

Here are the steps to success and you don’t even need to physically own the product.
• Find out what people are searching for,
• Build a website based on what they are searching for
• Sell them what they are looking for

Next, purchase a web hosting package at BlueHost and HostMonster for less than $72 a year and a domain name is free with your hosting package.

Then, purchase the best web design teaching resource for beginners is "The Essential Guide to Joomla CD-Rom" at Amazon where you will learn how to use the free JOOMLA web design software to build your website.

Next, visit Michigan Web Designer for free help and support on building websites with JOOMLA and WORDPRESS as you build your new website and life.

After you have found the product you will need a great headline. People are bombarded with 20,000 – 30,000 messages every day and decisions are mostly based on headlines.

The first 25 words of your headline should carry 80 - 90% of your message. Color, art and aesthetics are often negative to your sale. Keep it straight and let your competition try to be clever to make the sale. Cleverness is a negative when it comes to a sale. You need to be trusted and straight forward ad copy is trusted more than a dog or colors or graphics that try to make a pitch to your prospect.

Give away high quality information samples. Offer a “Special Report” at no charge in exchange for their email address (collect email addresses). By analogy, a taste of a great dinner usually results in creating a renewed desire to buy the whole dinner. The best restaurants often give samples of fine food to its patrons thus stimulating more desire for the great foods and more sales. This is most effective when offered before the order is placed.

Don’t offer a disclaimer as this makes the offer look suspicious and will kill a lot of sales. Start your first sentence in your copy with the most impactful wording possible and as simple as possible. The first words will either turn off the prospect or lead them onto further reading. Make these first words count!

Add a “P.S.” to the end of your copy. This will catch the attention of those who read most of the copy and it is here that you can offer a bonus to them for having read the copy. If you are targeting people over 40 years of age, the currier font is the most personal and best font to use.