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Your past is the key to your future - How can this be?

In Golf, the best players know that there is a reason why they grip the club the way they do.

The interesting thing is, not every player grips the club in the same way and this is true for even professional golfers.

The grip on the club that they use is the best grip for their game and if you watch a professional before they hit the ball, you will see a very intense effort to set the club properly in their hands before they swing the club.

The best players also have a routine they follow and repeat for every shot they make.

Typically you will see a pro-golfer approach the ball from behind as they set their sights on a blade of grass inches ahead of their ball and on a small target down the fairway.

The best players do this because they need to stay away from the negative side of the game and a grip that is best for their game and a routine that keeps them comfortable in every situation makes them a better golfer.

Golf is so difficult that even a “wrong” mental thought can ruin a shot or game.

It is the same in life.

If your parents and grand-parents were doctors, it is very likely that you will become a doctor.

A Doctor's children become doctors’, soldier's children become soldiers and banker's children tend to become bankers.

Knowing and sharing the family talents and tendencies can help a child to become the best person they can be.

Knowing the kind of people your ancestors were gives you the mindset of honoring the way they lived.

If you know your family’s past you either take the positive heritage of your ancestors into your life considerations or you deny the direction of their lives.

Why does it make a difference?

Life is full of small decisions that can have a big impact on your life.

A small decision to stay out past curfew could result in an accident or negative situation (I always told my kids that nothing good happens after midnight so they had to be home before midnight).

I wasn't concerned about what they did, I was more concerned about the poor judgments of others out that late that could put my kids in jeopardy.

If you know the past you can use it to direct your thoughts of the future and gives you the ability to raise the bar and change the future.

If you are a Rockefeller, you expect to be wealthy.

If you are a Bush you are part of a political dynasty.

If you are the child of Bill Gates, Rich Devos or Warren Buffett, you expect a certain degree of wealth in your life.

I take pride in my ancestors and I am sure you have family in your past that you can be proud of too!

Start searching today and share with your children and grandchildren the heritage they need to know.

Visit Michigan Genealogy or FadedFootsteps for more on how to get to know who you are.

Call 616-634-3296 or email me with your request for help and I will help you find your past so you can have a better future.