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Online Business Strategy 
You can Work Less and Live More with an Internet Business You Love
The rules have changed so that the American Dream is no longer the “corner office.” 
It is now a successful business you can run from your home office, the beach, or wherever you desire. 
It is work you love that allows you the freedom and income to live the life you truly want.
Business is business and starting one is both easier and harder than you think.
It is easy because of the new technologies, it is hard because you have not been trained how to do it.
American schools have trained you to be an employee and breaking that habit will not be easy.
Being an entrepreneur involves taking risks and learning new ways of thinking.
There are tons of books which lead you to believe that anyone can become rich by becoming an Internet entrepreneur.
That you can have the lifestyle you want based on an Internet business but the focus should be more on defining and achieving the lifestyle you want than getting rich.
Getting rich often involves much more work than most people are willing to do. 
That is why people get rich or make a very nice income doing the things that 99% of the population do not want to or are unwilling to do.
So the first step is getting realistic about the lifestyle and the level of effort you are comfortable putting into your business.
Far too many people think they need to come up with the next Google/Facebook or Pinterest idea to be able to have a sustainable business. 
Good advice would be; instead of focusing on inventing the next blockbuster product, "you should invest your start-up time in finding people you can help, needs you can fill, problems you can solve - and build your audience around serving that customer demand." 
The Google Keyword tool can help with that by showing you what people are actually looking for so you can build a business with a base of what people are already looking for.
Use the tool to find the numbers of people and the competition level of people who are looking for the product or solution you have a native interest in and solution for.
We have all seen far too many people develop a wonderful solution to a non-existent problem, then struggle to find people willing to buy their solution. 
Finding a pond full of fish with the keyword tool is a critical path to your success at startup. 
Discover a problem that is out there and develop a solution, don't start with the solution.
Another huge bit of advice is "Don't go broke trying to pursue ideas that are too big or too long-term." 
Instead of trying to make millions, make the first dollar as soon as you can and reinvest it back into your business. 
Validate the concept as inexpensively as possible to prove that there is someone willing to pay for the solution you are offering.
Websites cost less than $5 a month and your concept can be proven and winnable.
This is the key, build a small website using WordPress or Joomla, it doesn’t have to be the best website, just one that sells products via reviews and after you start making money, then make the site better by reinvesting some of your profits.
If you like to travel, find what people are looking for with the keyword tool, then use your vacation to travel and write your reviews, and then sell vacation packages via affiliate programs with links in your reviews of places you visit.
I have a website called Best Cutlery and it is based on 22,000 local searches for that term. 
I review the cutlery by using the products, and place links to Amazon within my review and “if” I have helped people in their decision to make a cutlery purchase, they do so, and I receive a commission from Amazon for the referral.