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(I wrote this article in December of 2011 when I decided to take gluten out of my diet. It is now late January 2014 and my knee pain only retyurns if I eat a gluten based products. I have discovered through experimentation that I can tolerate gluten "if" I only allow it for one day a week and then get back onto my "Gluten Free Diet". I do everything I did 15 years ago before the pain set in and at 60 years of age, volleyball is back as a part of my activities. I wrote this because you may not need to take a drug that has some very bad side effects, you might simply need to adjust your diet a little. Call 616-634-3296 or email me using the contact form if you have a question)

Phil Mickelson's arthritis made the news in 2010 as he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

It was a great thing that he was a star athlete as Embril came to his aide and also made a chunk of change for him as he went on an Embril regimen and advertising campaign to help him alleviate the pain and progression of psoriatic arthritis.

We all like to believe that the latest and greatest cure is best for us as prescribed by our physician.

One of our Presidents (James A. Garfield) received the most up to date and greatest care when an assassination attempt was made on his life in 1881.

Garfield was shot in the back and the first doctor on the scene place his unclean "pinkie" finger into the wound in search of the bullet.

This introduced bacteria into the wound and Garfield then was doomed to suffer a long, painful, infection laden death.

The doctors of America in that day "knew what they knew" and even though Dr. John Lister had great success with antiseptic procedures and begged Garfield’s doctors' to use these antiseptic practices, they refused.

James A. Garfield died a horrible, infection laden death 3 months later.

The autopsy showed that the bullet was encased by tissue and would never have hurt the President if nothing had been done to treat him.

This article is not intended to slam Enbril or doctors as I am sure there is a time and a place for Embril's use, but not at the beginning of a doctor's diagnosis.

I have had the same symptoms as Phil in that I have the pain and psoriatic events that almost disabled me in the year 2011.

I could barely walk sometimes and at age 57 it scared me to think of how bad things would get for me as I progressed in age.

My pain would go from ankles, to shoulders, to knees, to my hands, wrists, hips, elbows and shoulders.

I never knew where I would hurt as it cycled through my body like a virus moving around and then it would subside and effect only my knees.

I thought is was a form of fibromyalgia, but I thought that disease was a primarily a disease women usually got.

I was looking at canes and taking 1 to 3 Motrin 800’s daily all the while having a surgeon friend warn me of the dangers to my internal organs for taking so much Motrin and how I was risking my future health trying to alleviate my current pain with it.

I looked at the Embril product and it seemed that the reactive symptoms of the COX-2 inhibitor drugs were in the long run more of a danger than the (NSAID) Motrin product I was taking.

I thought I was stuck with the pain until a doctor segment on TV that I happened to bump into while channel surfing (I was inactive because my knees hurt), talked of symptoms of Psoriasis and joint pain and a possible allergy that caused the pain.

I had two of the four symptoms and the doctor said that if you have two of the four, you might be allergic to Gluten.

Since I the symptoms, I decided try and stop eating any wheat and gluten products by reading ingredients and eliminating the gluten.

It took four days and my knees went from an 8 or 9 on a pain scale of 1 to 10, down virtually pain free these days.

I kept up the gluten free regimen for the next two months and the pain only comes back if I get some gluten in my system (see the beginning of this article).

Who would have thought that a simple gluten free diet would take all of my pain away and then 3 weeks later the bonus of the scaly patches I had on my scalp went away too!

Food allergy problems in our society may be a bigger problem than we think and we need to consider the impacts of using drugs to fight what may just be an allergy.

Milk and Gluten have been associated with ADD symptoms in children, A Ketogenic Diet has helped a child become Seizure Free - Just a change in diet prevented epilepsy seizures.

I wish Phil had just tried the Gluten free diet for a month before he went on the Embril.

Try this Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix - add some walnuts and a few chocolate chips and these brownies taste better than any regular mix you can find!

If you have any symptoms of Psoriasis and joint pain, consider trying for one week, a Gluten Free Diet.

Try Udi's Gluten Free Bagels, They are the tastiest Bagels I have ever had toasted!

I pray that being Gluten Free helps you as much as it has helped me.


I looked at Phil’s ESPN's Official World Golf Rankings and find a disturbing trend.

  • Number 1 is that the guy does not age! According to ESPN, Phil has been 41 years old since 2003!
  • Number 2 is that his performance has dropped off and it is likely due to the pain or the side effects of the Embril.

It is my hope that Phil will have a great year as just about all of us who follow the PGA know that we need Phil and Tiger doing well.

It is early in 2012 and Phil did not do well in the first tournament and this trend is shown below;

  • 2012 season, # 98, Phil Mickelson, age 41, events 1, rounds 4, Cuts made 1, top 10 finishes 0, wins 0, cup points 20, winnings $13,820.80
  • 2011 season, # 12, Phil Mickelson, age 41, events 21, rounds 77, Cuts made 20, top 10 finishes 7, wins 1, cup points 1045, winnings $3,763,488.30
  • 2010 season, # 6, Phil Mickelson, age 41, events 20, rounds 76, Cuts made 18, top 10 finishes 6, wins 1, cup points 842, winnings $3,821,733.30
  • 2009 season, # 3, Phil Mickelson, age 41, events 19, rounds 53, Cuts made 16, top 10 finishes 8, wins 4, cup points 2920, winnings $5,332,754.50
Phil Looked great at Pebble Beach this year.
He seems to have slimmed down and he rallied on Sunday to win.
It looks like he is doing well one week later, I hope that Phil continues to do well this year.
The question is; is it Embril or the Experience of Phil looking a little "Buff" that is causing the success.

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