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Real work takes hard work.
Real work takes risks.
It is hard to take the risk to start and build a business.
It is not easy to find a JOB, but it is easier than creating a job.
35% of America’s workforce sits at a desk.
Another 35% work in a factory or warehouse.
The next 20% work in the service industry.
……they all punch the clock and get paid by the real hard workers, the risk takers.
Less than 10% of our population creates jobs, are willing to take the abuse of the politicians, labor unions, employees and pay the most taxes.

This is an entrepreneur university because we honor the employer who creates jobs for the employees.
Employers create.
Employers take risks.
Employers mortgage their house and risk their futures to control and hopefully create a more secure future for themselves.

Employees take the jobs.
Employees take the paychecks.
Poor employees create the heartache that makes the employer wonder why he/she even tries.

It is hard work to invent a new system product or service that is remarkable.
It is hard work to make good decisions with less than all of the data.
It’s much easier to be an employee and watch the company fade into oblivion

Today, working hard is about taking apparent risks
A risk that your company and co-workers believe is unsafe, but that you realize is far better than sticking with the status quos.

Richard Branson, Michael Dell and Bill Gates do not work harder than you do.
They do not have more time in a day than you do.
They do not have more days in the week than you do.
They are not smarter than you are and they probably work less hours a day than you do.
They just work better and harder at developing systems and products than you do.

As the economy plods along, many of us are choosing to take the easy way out.
We are going to “Work for the Man”, letting him do the hard work while we put in the long hours.
We’ll put our noses to the proverbial grindstone.
Others (and only a precious few) see the current recession as the opportunity of a lifetime to start something great.
These are the few who are willing to deal with the things people would rather not deal with;
They constantly fight the;
Fear of failure.
Fear of standing out.
Fear of rejection.
It is the people who are willing to jump over the barriers, fight through the negatives, have the difficult conversations, invent remarkable products, pushing the envelope, and being willing to do it all over again the next day who are the hardest workers.

These are the people who are building a recession proof future for themselves.

These are the top 1% of people who make 80% of all income and also pay 39% of all taxes. These are the people who take 100% of the risk.

It is the Perato Principal and you can either get on board - or stop complaining. But understand that it is your choice as to which category you fit into.....

To set the numbers straight, 

  • The top 20% of American wage earners pay 86% of all taxes.
  • The bottom 20% of all wage earners pay -2.9% of taxes.
  • The over all United States tax rate is over 35% of all income and the average for the rest of the world is less than 29% of income.
  • Since 2003, our country is on a continuous track to raise our tax rates while the rest of the world has actually lowered taxes since 2003.