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Systematize your business so that you don’t have to be there for it to run well and it will bring in boatloads of cash for you.
If you have a company that depends on you being there, your company has no resale value.
If you are a consulting business and you get sick, you could not meet with people and your business income suffers.
If you are in the building trades business and you get hurt, your business stops.
If you have to physically be there, your business is not a system!
Most wealthy entrepreneurs get wealthy by starting their systematized business and selling it as soon as possible and then start a new business to sell it.
They set up the business as a system that offers value to the client even if they are not there.
Sure, it is “you” that people come to your business to work with.
Your argument is that it is “You” that is the reason for their patronage.
The same can be said of Colonel Sanders in the beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
He was and still is the figurehead of the business even long after he sold the business and has long since passed and this system still runs KFC without him.
You can set up similar systems too.
Set your business up in the very beginning so that it offers value “without you being involved” in the product or service of the business offering.
People looking to buy a business are looking to buy a money machine – a machine that works for them.
A large entity will come looking for you if you have set up a company that runs like a machine, flip the switch and it runs itself.
They are not looking for a business that depends on and runs the owner like he or she is a critical employee.
The typical business owner is so set on owning the business that they miss the critical point of why they are in business.
They started their business because they were good at what they did and wanted to prove they were better than the people they were working for.
They most likely are better as a technician, but they fail as a business system creator owner.
They wanted and hoped for income that produces freedom and found that the business runs them and takes all of their time.
Working in the business, they work very long hours and burn out between 3 and 5 years into the project.
It is then that they try to sell the business only to find that no one is interested in working so hard for so little.
This is exactly why 95% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years.
Again, people want a money machine and a machine like this has tremendous value.

If your business coach is not telling you to set up systems and showing you how to set up these successful systems, then they are running their own businesses dependent on themselves.
Fire them! For if they cannot understand wealth value in the creation of their own business, how can they coach you to success and wealth?
If you are looking for great business coaching, use the "Contact Alan" form and we will put you in touch with the best coaches in the world!
Before you start your business, buy the book E-myth by Michael Gerber to the right on this page and set your business up to run like a machine.