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Slavery in America still exists today.

William Faulkner said: “The Civil War is not “was”, the Civil War “is”.

Even though the Civil War was fought 150 years ago, it is current today to every generation as it still is a war and must be fought today.

We see the pictures of old soldiers and consider their work to be done, not considering that they simply the started the battles yet to be waged and there are soldiers to come who will continue to give their all for the cause.

It is the responsibility of every generation to step up and do its part in the fight for equality, freedoms and continuing the fight against slavery of any kind.

The Freedom Standard was "set in blood-stained ground" by these soldiers of freedom and it is up to us to continue on the fight for freedom to remove its stain on our country.

Do you ever wonder as I do if these Old Soldiers who lie in their eternal earthly graves - do they dream of the freedoms they helped to procure?

Would they ever think proudly of our generation?

Or do they dream of an eternal fear, that freedom can and could still be lost today in the fears that compel us do things like government monitoring of our emails, phones, tracking our cars and website content.

We think of ourselves as a superior people, our generals have been considered the greatest of all time, our policies of freedom and our constitution to be the greatest of all time.

If we had been anything like we think we are, we would not have needed to fight the Civil War?

Wouldn't Thomas Jefferson have turned his slaves loose to freedom at the beginning of our country.

Since we did fight the Civil War, we have made it the greatest and deadliest war of all times.

It is very American to do this and to think this way, but it is now time for our generation to do better.

I happen to be a 60 year old white male and I too have felt the sting of discrimination proving that the form of discrimination changes form through the years and the battle against it must still march on.

The difference in my case is that the ACLU picks their fights and mine was not worthy of their efforts.

Why did it take until 1920 for women to receive the right to vote?

Why did it take almost 100 years after the 1866 Civil Rights Act was passed for the Black Americans rights to even start to be realized?

As long as people live on the streets instead of a home, the war must be fought.

As long as discrimination of any kind exists in the world, the war must be fought.

As long as people are subject to the whims of a political system designed to hold them back, the war must be fought.

Slavery exists today in different forms and it exists in all races, creeds and economic levels.

It is hard, almost impossible, to escape its grasp and it is up to us to recognize it and fight against it when the idea of it “flicks a switch of recognition” on in our minds.

Slavery was not abolished with the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, it was simply changed and for these many years we have not recognized it.

You are a slave to the American economic systems put in place since the late 1800's.

A System created to make a better workforce for factories and put in place by politicians paid by the wealthy who owned the factories.

You were indoctrinated into this system on the first day you set foot in Kindergarten.

If you do not "conform" you are branded a rebel and placed on Ritalin to control your wandering and creative mind.

Why else would Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and so many other successful people escape the indoctrination courses and drop out of university to start their own businesses?

You are taught to be a consumer and this digs a deeper hole of slavery to debt that controls and blocks possibilities in your life.

You are trained in the system to be timely by bells that tell you when to start and when to stop in a way not unlike Pavlov’s dog.

The bells still control you as you continue through all grades and then you are further brainwashed at university as you select a career of choice but not a career that holds your passion.

You have to make a living and you understand that your passion does not often fit with a field of endeavor so you pick an alternative that enslaves you the rest of your life.

Look around and you will see so very many or your co-workers and family members who are working outside of their degree of choice.

When you graduate from college, the workplace controls the hours you work, the places you live and the amount of offspring you have.

The government has control of your savings, your IRA and your 401k and since you agree with the requirements involved, you have accepted the terms of the government in controlling or even taking away those savings.

Some countries under the control of the Euro have pulled in the savings of their citizens under the guise of these agreed to terms.

Greece had to agree to pull in the retirement savings accounts of its citizens to borrow more money from the Euro money lenders and China may force America to do the same as we accumulate debt to that country.

Is it any wonder why you are a slave to work, the hours set for you, the home you can afford and when you retire?

So, what do you do?

How does a person break out of the slavery rut?

The only way to break out of this slavery is to start your own business where you have more control of your life and income.

It is not easy and it could be the hardest thing you could do, but if you see and feel the effects of slavery working in your life, you need to make a change.

Delaying this change only serves to keep you enslaved in the system......