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Some of the Great Sequoia Trees in the American West Coast State of California at the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are well over a thousand years old. 

They have outlasted people, high winds, storms and the elements as they tower over their fellow trees in the neighborhood.


They also have the shallowest root systems in the tree world.


It is this hidden foundation that is their strength.


If they were to try to stand alone, they would survive for only a few decades instead of millennia as their roots systems could not hold them upright in the ground when the winds get heavy.


Their root system may be shallow but it is also extensive and when partnered with the other sequoia trees in the forest, these hidden and strong root systems grab hold of one other and support each other.


It is like they are holding hands in a great wind to support themselves.


This hidden, large blanket of roots intertwine and work together to hold these great trees and forests upright.


It is this “team effort” that allows the trees to prosper and grow so tall and strong.


This hidden fact can be your company’s strength as you develop teams that work together to support your growth, strength and prosperity.


Your Company strength should be "rooted" in the base of your core corporate philosophy and spead among your employees and partners.


Considering partnerships with other non-competing companies could add extra profits centers to yours and your partners businesses when created through these non-competing partnerships.