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The Buck Stops Here....

Does it really?

Obama blames the republicans, and the republicans blame Obama the leader of the democrats.

Harry Truman said that "The Buck Stops here!" and these guys say the buck never stops.

These Bozo's just play the "Name and Blame Game" and pass the buck on like it's a hot potato.

Truman accepted the results of his administration because he assumed the position of "Commander in Chief" or "CIC".

Obama has accepted the position of "CIC" and assumes the role of Clown in Chief.

Will the first real adult in our government please stand up, act like it and stop acting like clowns!

Reid-Obama-Pelosi-Boehner - the Buck Stops Here?

They don't get it because they never had to live in the real world of considering the cost of the store brand product compared to higher priced name brand product and how the purchase effects a family budget.

They don't get it because they never had to choose between a $1500 car and a $3500 car.

They don't understand how the educational system is keeping single parents and young families in poverty.

It is easier to blame the rich, each other and the previous administrations.

Regular US citizens are required to have a balanced budget but politicians are not.

Regular US citizens are subject to health care that is limited to the way you write the policy and you are not subject to what you create.

You all live under different health care and a retirement programs and you make bad decisions for the average American citizen - you are not accountable to the decisions because you live under a different/privileged set of rules.

Get honest and require that you must live by the same rules as regular US citizens and you will create better laws.

6 months ago I asked the president for a response in my Dear Mr. President... article and he still hasn't answered.

Get it together you clowns and stop playing with the financial futures of our children!