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There has been a lot of talk about having a positive attitude in life in order to reach your goals of success in business, work and life.
A positive mental attitude toward life and the future and an attitude of thinking that “everyone is out to help me” instead of “everyone is out to get me” is a great way to attract positive help and friends.
We have all been around people who seem to “suck the life out of us” just by talking to them.
Even if they don’t say it, we get the feeling that they are giving off negative vibrations and we just want to get away.
A person who has a great attitude will give off positive vibrations and we seem to be attracted to them.
They leave us feeling that we are special and their focus is on everything positive and possibility thinking instead of talking about themselves and negative thinking regarding the world, the future and life in general.

All talk used in a positive way is good and works to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.
Positive self talk and positive outward talk is even positive if we may not be really feeling it today.
The positive thoughts are just the reality of the future and not the manifestations of today.

The Secret term the ultra successful people use is a blend of the words ‘positive’ and “cause” and I call it having a “causative” attitude.
This “causative” attitude displays the best of both words/worlds regarding attitudes.
The word jumps out at us when we use it this way and say it as we “cause” things to happen.

  • Success mindsets understand that a positive attitude can only take us so far.
  • It is the “causative” attitude that jumps our success to the next level.
  • Having a “causative” attitude motivates us into action.
  • Action is where all success starts.
  • Your ship cannot come in unless someone (hopefully you) launches it.

It is the fear of failure that causes us to not take the first step toward our goal or dream. 
It is this fear of failure that causes us to not write down our goals.
It is the action steps of starting that set in motion all of natures forces to help us toward our desired result.
The philosopher Gerta said, “Take the first step, and Magic will happen.”

Emerson said, “Start in earnest toward your dream and untold forces of nature will come to your aid.”
The mere act of starting causes others to see our intent.
That intent motivates others to respond by either walking away or buying into our expressed dream and helping us toward the goal.
Those who walked away couldn’t have helped us anyway and would have wasted our time.
Those who shared our dream will jump in with all their heart and really add to our cause.

Set your future in motion today by building a "causitive" attitude and starting out on your journey toward your dream.