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Have you ever wondered why good things happen to other people? 
Why that blockhead in the department keeps getting promoted? 
It isn't because these people are smarter than you or better than you. 
It is because maybe they learned that "much talked about" thing called the "Law of Attraction". 
They understand that good things happen to people who "think" good things are destined for them. 
Some people go through life with paranoid thoughts that people are “out to get them.” 
Successful people go through life with the reverse paranoid thought that everyone is out to help them and it is their secret to success. 
The planets align for them and people who can help them just pop-up everywhere. 
If you go through life thinking that everyone is out to get you, you most likely will never try something new. 
You won't be brave enough to fail at something and you will miss the journey to success because you never started. 
How do you know what is or is not impossible if you fail to test the possibility by starting? 
This Magic thing has less to do with the law of attraction and more to do with action. 
It is not a “Positive Attitude”, it is a “Causitive Attitude.”
Did you ever wonder about a classmate who seemed to excel at something while you did not? 
If you went into their bedroom, you would most likely see on their walls, posters displaying successful people doing the very things they are trying to be good at. 
They most likely set a goal to be like the people in these images on their walls and set about to be like them. 
Our mental images work the same way. 
We visualize our success, or failure before it arrives in our lives. 
Olympic athletes visualize the ski slope before they take off for their run and they succeed because they have rehearsed the perfect run successfully so many times in their minds long before they actually started. 
People who are good and successful at what they do are also focused this way as they play the videos of success in their minds before that success ever happens. 
There is an old saying in the sales field that “a confused mind never buys!” 
Well, a confused mind also never achieves a goal that it cannot focus on. 
That is why writing your goals down on a piece of paper is so effective to your success. 
The act of writing it down directs the mind to be on the lookout for anything and anyone that comes into the mental and visual field of vision.
Dennis Waitley called it the "Reticular Activator".
It is a real organ that sits at the base of your skull and it is that part that hunts for what you seek.
It looks similar to a quarter of an apple and Waitley called it you own “Apple Computer” gifted to you by God.
It is that thing or thought in your mind that spots the same car you are driving when you never notice that brand before you bought yours.
It is your “heat seeking missile” that seeks out the target and works to achieve the goals you write down. 
As with all gifts, this one needs to be appreciated and used before you allow it to be tied up with the ropes that bind you to a so-called normal life.