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Begin with the end in mind.
Have a strategy to get to that end – Don’t just look at the here and now.
Look at the long term (Life Time) potential value of your marketing plan and client.
A customer is just sale, but a client has the potential to resell over and over and the value of a client should be calculated over the lifetime of doing business with you.
An example is of a patron of a restaurant considered as a customer which has the value of say, $10 per visit.
If treated as a customer, they visit one time and you have a $10 sale.
Most business owners will tell you that it is harder to get someone in the door than it is to bring clients back with great service and products.
If treated properly as a client, the client returns to your business and the result is at least one visit every week where the value of the client becomes $520 a year and $10,400 over a 20 year period.
Think about this new valuation and consider whether you treat your patrons as clients or customers?
There is a big difference.
Especially if your valued customer is thought of as a $520 or a $10,400 client instead of a $10 customer by you and your staff.
Calculate the value of a client to your business if they return 20 or 30 years to your business because they are overjoyed with the service they have received from your business.

Points of value;
1. Add the suffix “In your service” to all your client dealings.
2. Don’t be afraid to say what your competitors won’t say. “Here is what your are “not” being told”.
3. Extol your quality of offerings in a humble way.
4. List your flaws and make yourself human to your prospects. Show them you are like they are.
5. Consider the lifetime value of your client and treat them at that value.
6. Leverage your strengths, Most of your competitors only work on their weaknesses.
7. Expose market risks and help your clients reduce or eliminate these risks.
8. Use data and turn this data into stories to educate your prospects and explain how you are the expert in your field and the “Go-To” person to solve the prospects needs.
9. Challenge the status quo thinking with new and fresh solutions.
10. Continually add to your brand equity by doing more and caring more and adding more to your services.
11. Form alliances and advertising boards.
12. Use testimonials and stories accurately and often.
13. Hire the best, pay well and base the compensation mostly on performance.
14. Don’t be invisible. Impact is worth the effort.
15. Project an image of success. It is only a matter of time before the projection becomes the reality.
16. Implement multiple enhancements to your business every year. Consistent and constant improvements are the key to continued growth and success.