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Using Blogs to Build Internet Income
By Alan Teelander
Internet Marketing Coach

Blogs are a great way to make money:
• Search engines tend to love them, they're easy to promote, and they can offer very sticky content.
• If you blog often, and blog about what you're good at, people will love your content and trust your opinions.
• Developing a large following of readers who subscribe to your RSS feed and read your content on a daily basis gives you opportunities to sell “OPP” or Other Peoples Products.
• Posting frequently keeps your content fresh, search engines love fresh content and your future readers do too!
• The more often you post, the more often the spiders will visit your site.
• And every time you post, you can ping your site at the various ping locations and this can bring in even more traffic.
• A key to blogging success is creating sticky content - This means you have to write posts that people will actually be interested in reading. is a great way to get started in the blogging world.
It is owned by GOOGLE and because of this it is indexed and spidered often.
It is FREE and offers a lot of income possibilities and tools.
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1. Readers want to read about stuff related to your niche.
2. If you're running a blog about golfing, at least 75% of your posts should be related to golf. Preferably 100%.
3. You should talk about golf courses you've recently played on.
4. Tournaments you've watched, and different brands of clubs you've tried.
5. You might occasionally post about family matters, or your dog, or your favorite restaurant as a way to connect on a more personal level with your readers.
6. But most of your posts should be on target with your niche.

Blogs are great for people who sell services.
• If you're a graphics designer or writer, having a blog is a good way to keep in touch with your clients and find prospects.
• You can offer updates to your schedule and availability, current prices and special offers, and when you'll be taking some time off.

You can also post samples of your latest work.
• If you have a number of clients subscribe to your RSS feed, you'll be able to keep in touch with them so they'll order from you more often.
• People also tend to follow blogs more carefully than websites.

Don't start a blog with the intention of letting it sit dormant and still earn money.
• It probably won't work.
If you're going to start a blog, you need to be prepared to commit yourself to growing the blog by posting often, keeping it updated, and not giving up on it.

Blogs offer multiple selling opportunities;
• From text links woven throughout the content
• To image ads like banners you strategically place in between blog posts.
• The sidebar can also be utilized as affiliate or direct sales revenue space.

At some time, make sure you take the time to transfer your blog over to your own domain instead of hosting it within the blogging community.

JOOMLA is a great way to build your first website and if you can use WORD, the internet and spell-check, you can build a JOOMLA website.
This makes it more professional to the person who lands on your website and lends credibility to your efforts as the go-to person in your niche.