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We tend to accept the norm.

Beliefs of the recent past tend to equate to what we believe today and making new changes hard to accept.

Within our parent's and our generations, we have accepted only what we experience as truth.

Before Newton, no one thought about gravity.

Before 1492, everyone thought that serpents and monsters roamed the seas and the world was flat.

We accept it as normal and even our highly educated president takes how we work for granted.

If he were truly progressive, he would be advocating the changing way we will earn our incomes in the year 2020.

It makes a person wonder if he is part of the problem in intentionally holding people back from progressing into a higher income and better lifestyle.

If he were truly progressive, he would be showing the way for everyone desiring to do so, to make an income online.

Civilization actually believed longer in time that the world was flat and only since the year 1492 has the world changed that belief to the world is round.

The structured formal education system we use today is similar in its newness and only started as a requirement in 1918.

Studies prove that the better we educate our children, the more our children suffer in proficiency as measured in military entrance testing since the civil war.

Civil War soldiers who were educated to an average of 4th grade actually tested higher than Vietnam era soldiers who graduated from our vaunted high schools.

Working as employees is also a new way to make a living as recently as the early 1900's when Henry Ford started making automobiles using an assembly line.

Before Henry Ford, most people hung out their shingle as carpenter, shoemaker, blacksmith, and every needed niche available in every town around the world.

Technology is taking us back to "hanging out a shingle" and that shingle will be on the internet.

That shingle will take us back to selling in small niches rather than working as employees at Walmart.

The storefronts of today complain about how the internet is stealing their business instead of taking advantage of the markets they already have by using the new internet tools available to them.

They say that online marketers take away their share not realizing that the internet offers a new revenue stream for them at no charge to them other than a $60 a year charge to offer a vastly larger inventory of products.

Products that they do not stock.

Products that they don’t physically ship.

Products that they don’t have to take returns on or replace if defective.

Products that are generally more inexpensive to their clients.