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All through our lives we are told to work on our weaknesses.

We get a report card with a “C” or "D" among “B’s” and “A’s’ and we are told by our parents and teachers to work on improving the poor grade into a better grade.

They tell you to work on your weakness and to improve that poor grade while not considering where your heart lies.

They want you to be “well rounded” and balanced.

They should in fact tell you to do your best on the weaker classes and enjoy the fun of focusing and developing the subjects that you have passion for and charge your being.

Working on weaknesses pulls you away from your core mission and talents and takes you away from the gifts God gave to you at birth.

The highest paid people in the world always worked within their gifted talents and focus.

Bill Gates is not a generalist and neither is Warren Buffet and you should not be a generalist either.

Work on that best part of you and you will reach the heights that no other person who works on their weaknesses could dream of achieving.