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When the signers of the “Declaration of Independence” signed their names onto the document, they knew that if the Revolutionary War were lost, they would likely be hanged for treason.

They knew their properties and assets would be seized and their families would be decimated.

They knew what they were up against, yet they signed because they believed in a new America.

They believed it was the right thing to do and they believed that America needed to fight to be independent and free.

What would those founders think of our leaders of today?

Where is the boldness of Alexander Hamilton?

Where is the courage in words of Thomas Jefferson?

Where is the leadership of George Washington?

Where is the rhetoric of John Adams?

Where is the boldness and bravery of them all?

These men, our founders walked boldly into the unknown because they believed in America.

They were willing to risk it all to bring into existence The Unites States of America.

Our founders did not agree on all issues but they did believe in us and they worked together to create and sign the declaration.

How would they react to the back-biting and slander our current politicians use to further their agendas?

How would they react to the national debt and how it grows to sustain pork brought about by lobbyists?

When will the first, real patriot stand up and risk all they are to save our country?

When will they forgo the party lines and do what is right for our country?

The only politician I see who thinks for himself and "votes for the people" is Justin Amash, and he gets in a lot of trouble as he doesn't walk or vote the party line.

He may spend too much time tweeting critiques to McCain and other dart throwing campaigns to find the time to read important legislation so he can actually cast a vote rather than abstention form one.

We are all waiting for the others to step up and act like a founding father……