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Without action, nothing gets done. Intentions and talking about it do nothing but create noise.
Einstein said that every good thing that happens is the result of someone or something taking motion/action.
The interesting thing about action is that the Law of Attraction seems to thrive and is propelled by ACTION.

The philosopher Gerta said "Take the first step and magic will happen."
He was referring to taking action and then the things, circumstances and people will appear as if by magic to help you toward your desired result.

Taking no action is surprisingly, a form of action. Not taking action dooms a persons dreams or events to "not" come into fruition.
Sitting on the couch dooms the person into not improving their education, not getting a job, not getting physically fit, not being introduced to the person who could connect them to their dream of making that next big deal.

Without action, Henry Ford would not have built the assembly line automobile.

Bill Gates would not have founded Microsoft.

Warren Buffett would never have built his fortune if he had never made his first stock purchase.

Action is the defining difference between success and failure.

Teddy Roosevelt said;
"In the moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, next best is to do the wrong thing and the worst thing is to do nothing."

The people who take action, make mistakes, learn from them and move on are the people you see who have made it financially or are well on their way to financial security.

The Bible even talks about it in the story of the talents. Two of the three slaves who were given charge of the master’s money were rewarded for taking action and growing the account. The one slave who simply buried his talents and gave the master the same amount he was given was disciplined for doing nothing. Don’t bury your talents, don’t bury your dreams, don’t just do nothing because you fear failing.

Take action, expect to fail and consider the success principals you are learning on the way.

As Zig Zeiglar says; : "Soon we will be seeing you at the top!"