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Why shouldn't we legalize drugs?

Legalizing drugs doesn't have to be a failure based initiative.

The Unites States will spent $25 Billion dollars this year on enforcement and anti-drug programs.

The number grows at at a rate of $500 per second and does not include the costs for states to enforce drugs.

That money would be better spent on driving the drug-lords, gangs and pimps out of business by legalizing and distributing safe drugs to those who have the habit.

In other words, the only way to stop the problem is to legalize it and then control it.

Prohibition proved that the experiment of denial and throwing money at it doesn't work.

Prohibition of anything makes it so only the most corrupt get rich, and now the modern gangsters living in our cities spend their time and bullets protecting their turf to control their distribution system of peddling drugs.

Drug related products and crops could be produced by regulated American farmers and companies to effectively put the drug cartels out of business as soon as the program starts.

Mexican drug cartels are actually driving vehicles laden with people, drugs and automatic weapons over the walls and fences set up on the borders as they send these weapons, drugs and potential terrorists into our country by the hundreds of thousands each year.

For the past 50 years, our presidents have talked a big story about getting guns off the streets yet they ignore the ease in which the cartels bring guns and drugs into our country.

Give a card/lisence to people who are already addicted to drugs that allows them to go to a participating drug store to receive their (one dose at a time) drug free of charge.

An offer to help them kick their drug habit would always be available with an included program to facilitate the effort to help them kick their drug habits.

They will not have to sell their bodies, run in gangs or shoot an elderly couple to get money for their drugs as we will give it to them for free.

This card is generated with a counseling effort to show the effects of continued drug use and the rest is left up to the “card holding drug user”.

The card must be generated as an identification card/drug access card and places the card owner in a category that denies the holder the right to drive any kind of vehicle or machine.

It should have an RF chip and as GPS technology gets better and smaller, a GPS chip will be placed in it and tracking is allowed.

We spend billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man-hours trying to stop drugs when we should get smart and spend a few million to change the dynamic of drug running by letting it run itself into the ground.

Giving drugs of choice to those already addicted will take money out of the pockets of drug recruiters and runners.

Why would someone buy buy drugs on the street when it is free and safe to get it from a federal or state sponsored and funded drug store?

A good portion of the current addicted generation will likely be lost, but their choices have already caused them to be lost anyway.

This plan takes away the need to recruit new kids into the drug culture.

This plan takes away the recruiting of women who are purposely addicted by pimps into the prostitution trade.

They won't need a gun to protect their drug-turf because the turf will no longer exist.

No more drug running/smuggling across the borders and no more meth labs blowing up.

Crops in the states will dry up the Taliban drug business.

The other option is to continue to spend billions of dollars in courts and law enforcement as we beat our heads against the wall just like we have been doing for the past 6 decades.