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10% of all graduates do not continue to educate themselves after graduation from college.
Experts like Brian Tracy say that the things we “fail” to do in life will have the biggest impact on our earnings and our future.
Action equals success and only 10% of all people take action to improve their knowledge and skills.
Take an honest look at who you are. Are you achieving the level of success you dreamed about when you were just starting out in life? Have you taken action by continuing to educate yourself to stay ahead of your competition? Most people see work as an extension of school and they played and socialized a lot in school. If you are not furthering your education and skill sets, you are falling behind.
Most people never ask for help or advice.
The person you admire for their position, income and status in life is almost never asked for advice. Don’t be shy in asking as they are very likely to be very generous in helping you.
Always be learning and always be in action. A lot great of careers and businesses have been started by people who simply take action over and over to grow.
Most people spend their time on “Someday Isle” where they like to visit and they never leave. Someday I’ll take that seminar, someday I’ll read that book, and someday I’ll join that organization that will change my life and connect me to people willing to help me reach for my dreams.
Mark Victor Hansen says that when you come up with a great idea, there will always be someone or many people who come up with the same idea.
The winner is the person who takes action and goes for the dream.
It doesn’t take a lot.
The temperature of water can reach 111 degrees and still be water. If it reaches 112 degrees, it becomes steam. Just 1 degree makes the difference.
The top five golfers on the PGA tour are averaging 69.5 shots per round. The average for the tour is 71 shots per round. Just 1.5 shots per round make the difference between being an average professional and the great professionals. This difference equates to the greats making well over $5 million a year and the average golf professional making $850k for the year. 1.5 shots per round and it costs the average golfer over $4 million dollars in income.
The law of cause and effect shows that nature does not care who you are. It isn’t luck; it isn’t being in the right place at the right time. You can’t be in the right place if you never take the action to get there in the first place. Your ship cannot come in if you never launch it! The philosopher Gerta said “Take the first step, and magic will happen.”  Others have said “Jump, and the net will appear.” It is all true and the rest of your life is up to you. Take action, scoop up lots of ideas and you will be surprised when one or two take hold and change your life.
Why is it that people in life who aren’t as smart or educated as you are making a better living? Why is it that people with less to offer are making more that you? The difference is not in their education or natural born abilities; it is in their skills and knowledge that separate their successes from your successes.
Top people simply know more and they learn from the experts in their fields.  It is also in their connections to the people who have helped them to achieve this higher level of success.
Feel important, be proud of who you are. No one ever walked the earth with the skill sets, the mindsets, the education, the technology and the gifts you are blessed to be here with.

The potential to do great things lies dormant inside your brilliant mind. A mind that calculates in billions of times each nanosecond the breaths your lungs take in, the steps you take and the balance that keeps you upright can certainly take you to the dreams you seek. 
In World War 2, the Japanese leaders made a decision to bomb Pearl Harbor. After the bombing, they realized that they had awakened a sleeping giant. A giant that had been dormant and now had a purpose to defend itself by pulling the greatest minds and workers in the world together for a great cause.
Inside your mind there is a sleeping giant. A gift from your family genetics, the way you were educated and the experiences you have had in life. Wake up this giant by writing down your goals. Wake up this giant by searching for and finding your life’s purpose. You will find inside yourself, the ability to do things that no one who ever walked the earth previously could do. Your set of abilities, knowledge and your uniqueness have never walked the earth before.
You have the choice to set in motion your destiny’s reason for being here.
Don’t miss this chance to make a positive difference while you walk this earth.
As Dr. Wayne Dyer says; “Don’t die with your song still inside you.”