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A philosophy I once heard and really, really believe in is;   “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing wrong.”

You can worry about whether your website, book or project is “ready” or “worthy” and it will drive you crazy.

I have had 4 different versions of, 6 versions of , 5 versions of and now 4 different versions of and I never, ever would have started if I had had to be perfect in the start.

Yahoo, AOL, Amazon, FaceBook and all the others were not perfect when they started.

The fact is, they did start and they adjusted in a way that was always taking them toward their ultimate end goal.

It is like a heat seeking missile - It has a predetermined target, it is sent off in a direction, wind currents and other unknown factors cause it to vary as it continually self corrects on its way to its target.

The missile doesn't go straight to the target, it goes forward, making adjustments as the wind buffets it and the target moves.

When you ride a bike, the front wheel wobbles at the start because you do not have enough speed, it never is directly pointed in a straight line, but it always ends up where you intended from the start.

Be patient, get started and try to enjoy the process along the way.

One of the most successful websites in internet history was and it was intended to be a study-help-site for college students.

After tens of thousands of dollars invested in the site and over a year of construction, the renegade web-designers made a site that people could build websites on.

The end result was entirely different but it went on to be purchased by Lycos for ten’s of millions of dollars.

This mistake made Bo Peabody very wealthy because he saw an "opportunity in the mistake" and ran with it.

He made lemonade from the lemons.